Sad grey mornings, a lot of rain, cold wind ..all these downsides of this season kinda completely dissapear when walking around in my Dad’s super oversized woolen sweater. Damn, can I have plenty cozy oversized sweaters like this one please ?! Oh an more days like these…just me, the sweater, my thoughts and my notebook. Oh and these kinda cool magical rocks, people. Let me tell you: I love this place! Can you actually believe this is in Amsterdam?! Because yeah it is!! Crazy right?! It made me think about Sweden or Lapland or something. Anyway more about the outfit. 


This look is a real basic one, which makes it very comfortable but still stylish because I told you guys ealier about the trend of the season: oversized. I’m wearing my vintage boatshoes from the second hand store underneath, which perfectly fit in this basic, vintage oversized trend. Together with my all time favorite socks this sweater of my dad is a perfect match. Sorry dad, I’m definitely gonna steal this one more often (sssstttt, don’t tell my dad hihi).

Do you like the look too? And whats your favorite casual fall/winter look? I’d love to know!
Allright, really gotta go now! Have a good weekend lovelies<3
xxxx, Suzanne

Where can I buy this ?

Sweater: It’s my dad’s sorry, probably from 30 years ago in some men’s clothing shop that doesnt exist anymore haha / Socks: Zara/ Shoes: Vintage/Second hand store / Notebook: Bruna / Necklace: Brandy Melville / 

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PH : by RetroSonja 


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  • Reply
    november 28, 2015 at 14:21

    Hele vette look!

    • Reply
      november 28, 2015 at 14:59

      Dankjewel! Leuk om te horen! Fijn weekend! xx

  • Reply
    Neeltje | Thoughts in Style
    november 28, 2015 at 14:45

    Ah wat gaaf gecombineerd!

    • Reply
      november 28, 2015 at 15:01

      Thanks meis! Je kettinkje is onderweg:)! Fijn weekend<3

  • Reply
    november 28, 2015 at 16:13

    Ah wat leuk zo’n heerlijke oversized trui! Mijn vriendinnetje heeft ook heel vaak flanels van dr vader aan. En trouwens wat een mooi plekje en dat in Amsterdam! X

    • Reply
      november 28, 2015 at 18:27

      Hihi ja echt super handig zo’n vader:)! Jaaa magisch he! Echt mysterieus vind ik het 🙂 supermooie plek:) xoxo

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