Suzanne Brummel is a Healthy & Happy Lifestyle blog started and written by Suzanne Brummel in December 2014.
The blog shares her (healthy) lifestyle including work-out tips and -schemes, healthy recipes, healthy hotspots, daily outfits and other inspiring things in the field of sports, fashion & healthy living.

Current locations:
Amsterdam – Epe


My name is Suzanne Brummel. I was born on January 11th in 1994 in the Dutch Province ‘Gelderland’. I grew up in a small village in the countryside named ‘Epe’ with my parents and two (younger) brothers. I’m living a happy life now in Amsterdam but I love to travel a lot.

I’m a really sporty and driven girl that loves to work-out every day for a fit & happy me. Besides all the excercising…I like healthy cooking (especially the eating part) A LOT!  A new destination to travel is always on my mind. And I show my creative side by means of clothing. So in short, I’m a sporty girl that loves to travel with a passion for fashion (#shoppping whoooee!) and I’m always eating #nomnomnom.

decide, commit and succeed

Dutch national champion in the open water swimming (2014/2015)
Cumlaude Bachelor Public Administration +
Honours College (Leiden University)
Masters BCO (VU University)

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