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Why morning workouts are the most effective!

Let’s talk about reasons why we should work-out in the (early) morning! For the ones that are following me for a while know, it’s no surprise when I tell you that I’m a BIG fan of those early morning work-outs. I either start my day with a 30 minute full-body workout or a 5-20 km morning run. But what are the benefits of those early bird work-outs? Go ahead and find it out! 


Why do I prefer to wake up with a morning work-out? Well because I set goals in my life that makes me wanna jump out of bed in the morning and get shit done. And a morning-workout gave me some extra positive energy to rock the day. When I don’t work-out before staring the day or wait too long with getting out of my bed, I’ll lose some drive, get lazy, I’ll lose my focus and sometimes I’m even getting late for college etc. It probably sounds crazy but that’s really how it works for me.

Yes, you need a lot of will-power and you’ve got to get yourself to the next level of self-discipline to set your alarm (about an hour) earlier. BUT eventually you’ll get used to the new rhythm and you’ll experience so much more happiness, control and focus.

Why morning-workouts are the best?

1. It’ll kick-start your metabolism.
This makes your body ready to burn (more) calories faster throughout your day . Eventually this could make you lose weight faster, especially while running in the morning, so whoop whoop it’s super beneficial for your fit body shape ! This phenomenon is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC for the ones who’d love to know.
2. Morning-workouts are energy boosters.
You’ll be more focused while arriving at school or the office. Because the body is aroused you’re able to increase your focus on the next activities and you’ll be more alert, feeling energetic and because of that probably more satisfied.
3. More time for other priorities (less agenda conflicts!)
I may look like a machine or robot sometimes that’s living from my sports but I gotta work too and I’m super busy with my thesis. But those are still not my number one priorities. Being happy and having quality time with family and friends is really important for me too! But there’s almost everytime a trade-off between spending time in the gym and the amount of time you can spend with friends and family or the amount of time you can spend at your homework. That’s why working-out in the early morning is a good option. You wouldn’t meet your friends or family at that time anyway, and the office is not even opened yet. You just slice a bit of your sleep. But when you go to bed somewhat earlier at night you won’t even have to slice that!
4. Skipping your work-outs will be less-likely
It may take a time to get used to your new rhytm but once you got the morning spirit you’ll keep it up. The simple reason is: There are no disctractions besides your comfy bed… But during the day, a lot of distractions will pass by: Your day at the office was tiring, your motivation level has decreased, your friends are going out for drinks and you ‘ve got to be there, your mum wants to have dinner together, your child is sick, you’ve got lots of homework…etcetc. All those things could sabotage your workout. How chill would it be when you already finished your work-out then and you’re able to roll with whatever obstacles that come around later that day without feeling bad because you missed your workout (again).
5. You’ll look better!
Heh? Yes! Your workout stimulates your bloodcirculation and your skin will naturally glow. Isn’t that a nice post-workout flush?! No foundation needed anymore! Oh and you’ll be having a better hair day by washing your hair after the sweaty workout, your hair will be clean and more shiny. Or choose to leave your braid in when you didn’t sweat that much, and create a sort of cool going on look with which you got the right to talk big and drag some. 8:00 am at the office: “Hey your hair looks different today:)”, ” Yeah, I just came from the gym ” Then watch jaws drop! hahahah.

Soooooo learn to love A.M excersicing and you’ll be ready to tackle your days!

Gotta go now but I’ll be back soon!
xoxo Suzanne

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    februari 29, 2016 at 18:58

    Enthousiast ga ik ECHT morgen OCHTEND starten met trainen !

    • Reply
      februari 29, 2016 at 21:04

      Wooooh zo goed:) zet hem op! Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe het is gegaan! Succces! X

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    augustus 8, 2018 at 11:22

    I will try to start my day with the morning workout.

    • Reply
      augustus 8, 2018 at 11:49

      That’s so good to read! Enjoy & good luck<3

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