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Todays sporty blogpost is about proper hydration!  That is really important for all (active) people. When should you drink? Before? During? After the work-out? How much? Find out below!


Ok back to the topic of today: Proper Hydration! Why should we talk about this? Cause the most important nutrient in our sporty lives is water!

Drinking enough water is super important for everyone and especially for staying true to a healthy lifestyle. On an excercising day the body has a bigger need for good drinking behavior (which consist of drinking a lot of water). How should I drink on those days then? Well, let me say first, no matter if it’s a training day or a rest day, I always start my day with around 0,5 L of water or tea (ofcourse without sugar!)

It’s essential to stay hydrated before, during and after a workout because it will improve your perfomance but it’s hard to say how much someone exactly need to drink every day. Ofcourse it depends on a lot of things and it differs for each individual. But you can use my recommendations as a basic starting point.

Before: Two hours before you start your workout, try to drink 0,35- 0,5 L water.

During: While exercising always try to drink 0,25 L water every 30 minutes. I’m saying try because when I’m training for 2 hours I don’t drink 1 L water because it feels like forcing myself to drink and to be honest I sometimes don’t really feel like drinking more. But what I try to say is, do not only drink water when you’re feeling thirsty, that’s the point where you’re actually too late. Your body is warning you that your hydration is below level so try to avoid the moment of getting thirsty.

After: After finishing your workout, make sure that you drink again 0,35-0,5 L water in the first 30 minutes after completing your workout.

It’s important to schedule your drinking behavior like this to keep your hydration level in balance and to improve your exercising results.

Happy Hydration! Happy Workout!
xoxo Suzanne

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