The real countdown has truly begun, we’re almost there dear readers! Only a few hours to go for 2014 to end! Time has literally flown by and 2014 has been an amazing and wonderful sometimes bumpy ride.


It’s New Year’s Eve! The perfect time to look ahead and try to change things for the better. The perfect time to look behind and see what happened the past year. A time to see what we may have done wrong and what we could have done better but also to see what we may have done good. A time to make new promises, start new friendships or become closer to some persons that are already important in your life. A time to think about forgiveness, second chances, and fresh starts. It may be a bit confrontational but it will make you stronger in the end. I just realized what can happen in just one year. It’s almost unbelievable! I’m really thankful 2014 for how much I’ve got learned and for all the love. And hello 2015…I’m so ready for you!

I wanted to share some highlights of 2014 with you! The best things that happened the past year?

One of the biggest was winning the Dutch Championships in the Open Water Swimming (August 2014) after I decided to start swimming (on a high level) again (March 2014). Setting goals and working hard brought me there. And there’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishing something you wanted so bad! Some other highlights of this year were my holidays with one of my best friends, Manon, to Gran Canaria (Summer 2014). We enjoyed the sun, good food and some amazing excursions. 2014 also brought me my first festival (Amsterdam Open Air)! Oh my that was a blast! Let’s make this festival even more awesome in 2015! Furthermore I completed my Bachelor thesis this year! I’m very happy and proud with the result! I’m also very blessed with the internship I was given and started in 2014. I learn a lot and I’m having a great time. Oh and I ran the 18,5 km at the Midwinter marathon in February 2014! It went really well and it was a great experience I’ll never forget! And and and I choose to take contacts and finally saw everything clear haha! I never dared to touch my eyes but I’m so happy I took that first step to the optician. Lesson: Dare to risk! Dare to take a first step into something unusual, something new! You’ll probably feel nervous in the beginning but I promise you’ll feel blessed for a long time by doing it! It’s like the step I took to start this blog. First there was doubt and uncertainty but now there’s happiness and I’m glad I dared to! I get so many sweet and lovely comments, really cool ! Thank you so much!

There’s a lot more but I’d like to end with a thank for all the amazing people I met in 2014. I fell in love which brought me some amazing memories that’ll never fade! They make me smile no matter what is going on right now. While everything else change, memories don’t! I also met some great people that inspire me or become really close friends. And I become closer with some friends that were already in my life which makes me really a blessed person.

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. So…Write a good one!


Enjoy your NYE and may all your wishes come true in 2015!

Lots of Love,    Suzanne

Ps. Please be careful with fireworks.

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