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In this article you will find 5 motivation tips for you that will help you set goals and kick them in the face. #BAM!

Hi there sporties! How’s life?! I just finished a half marathon #whoopwhoop! Did you already rocked your work-out too?  I know, I know it’s Saturday which means it’s weekend and a lot more tempting to hit your snooze button and go back to sleep when the alarm buzzes saying ‘Hey you! It’s time for your morning run’. But it’s almost the end of the year, the perfect time to look ahead and try to change things for the better. The perfect time to look behind and see what happened the past year. A time to see what we may have done wrong and what we could have done better but also to see what we may have done good. A time to make new promises, set new goals and become fitter than we were ever before.

Also, the time to think about forgiveness, giving yourself second chances, and fresh starts. It may be a bit confrontational but it will make you stronger in the end. That’s why today’s post is about motivation

What will get you jumping out of bed, throw on your running shoes and rock your morning run?! Whether it’s morning or night, I really love to run for a variety of reasons. I think the most important reason is that running really makes me happy. If you’re a runner like me you definitely know what I’m talking about when I mention the euphoric feeling you sometimes get in the middle of your run. It’s like your feet are floating over the surface and your whole body wanted to dance and you almost started to sing out loud when you realize…eh oh..I’m in a busy street #oops. But fack that anyway, I feel like dancin’, dancin’ wooooh.

That feeling after a good run is so GREAT. I really love to push myself to my limits, try to beat my records and just get the best out of myself every month. I run an average of slightly more than 100 km per month. But that’s just me, and people are motivated for a variety of factors from losing weight to feel fitter and from competition reasons to the mental health benefits that running provides people. Are you struggling with your motivation? It’s oke, but it’s also time to make a decision and to start running in the new year! Cause it’s fun I promise! Set goals is one step in the direction of becoming fitter. I know, starting something new can be really scary and a few bad work-outs in the beginning or a little thing like bad weather can be daunting and destroy your motivation. BUT that’s why I have 5 motivation tips for you today that will help you finding your motivation for 2016, set goals and kick them in the face. #BAM!

1.Sign up for a race

Why? Cause you’re having a REAL goal with a deadline and the great thing about race is once you signed up, your really gotta work for it. Because otherwise you’ll never reach the finish line. Once you commit to a race, running has a sort of extra purpose. Skipping a day would feel way more bad because you know you’re making it harder on yourself to get where you want to be and you NEED to be on the day of the race.
2. Run with good music.

Make it yourself comfortable while running. Giving yourself something to look forward to on the run will make the running easier. You probably have a several songs that makes you happy and makes you wanna dance while hearing it on the radio? Great! Download them and it will make the run much more fun!

3. Set realistic goals (short term)

Setting goals like: ‘I want to run every day for the rest of my life’… are impossible DUH. When you want running to become a part of your life style you’ve got to start thinking on the short term! First, running needs to become something you enjoy! That could be you first goal, and then, think about tomorrow or next week or the race you signed up for. Maybe a time you wanna run, or just finish that race, a distance goals is also possible. But always think about the presence and not about the next tenthousand tomorrows.

4. Celebrate achievements

You just ran your first 5km? Great! Celebrate it! Cheat yourself with a delicious pie or chocolate cookies or whatever you love. Running achievements are a great motivator to reach your new goals. You can also promise yourself new shoes or other running gear when you’ve reached a goal.

5. Tell friends and/or run together

While telling friends you’re started running and the reason why (maybe you want to run a half marathon too for example). You will feel bad when you quit the running because friends will be asking how the running is going…you will feel like you need to run because you sort of promised friends you gotta run that half marathon. Telling them will help motivate you to stick with it. It makes it kind of official. And the more you talk about it, the more pride you will take in running! Peer pressure doesn’t always have to be negative. When you run together for example it will be more difficult to make excuses when yoy don’t feel like YAY RUNNING! Your friends will become your support while training with them (or just telling them). The guilt and shame factor can positively motivate you to run when you run together.

Okaaaay, that were my five motivation tips for today! I hope it will really help you in achieving your goals. But always remember, staying motivated is an ongoing battle with yourself, and everybody will struggle from time to time, even the best athletes. Think about that while struggling and the moment you feel like quitting…think about why you started! Good luck & Have a good weekend loves! xoxo

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    The Good Rogue
    december 28, 2015 at 10:54

    You are my motivation!!

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      december 28, 2015 at 12:08

      Awh, that’s so good to hear! Thankyou! Hope you kicked some ass with the work-out! 🙂 Have a wonderful and sporty day!

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