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Hoooray it’s Christmas workout time! Yes Yes Yes, this year I’ve a really great work-out for you guys that you can accomplish during the Christmas days!

Preventively burning those Christmas kiloss off? Doing some morning (or afternoon) pre-christmas feast workout  – So we won’t gonna PIG out.  Good idea right? Burn some calories  in the early morning and feel fit before spending time on the couch, watching romantic Christmas movies with the family and eating a LOT of delicious stuff! This Christmas Workout is especially designed to do it anywhere using no equipment. So everyone can do it at home YAY! Because ofcourse, almost all gyms will be closed with Christmas.  Are you in?! 

The Christmas days, actually the whole December period is a pivotal time in the training year. Because it’s a hard time, everyone knows it’s easier to be motivated as summer comes closer and we needs to get our bodies bikini proof, but those few weeks of festivities in the end of December and the beginning of January can throw a spanner in the works. So many people eat and drink too much and usually don’t do any exercise (it’s especially about changing the last part in this post!). They end up a few kilos heavier, lethargic and demotivated. On your time off, in the early morning or in the afternoon just before dinner you can try a bit of holiday exercise to keep you on an even keel. It doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to enjoy all the good things of Christmas. Sure you can eat! Sure you can sippin coctails, champagne or wines whatever you like. But adding some workouts doesn’t take much to avoid taking too many steps backwards and you can begin the new year with guns blazing.

So let’s start this first Christmas day off with a tough workout and beat the Christmas bulge!

With training sessions like these, you can quickly get in a workout any time you need to during the holiday season. And if you want to, switch things up and perform longer intervals as well.


First: You must be warmed up before starting! I recommend 10 minutes of fast walking if you’re a beginner(6-7 km/h) or what I do myself 10 minutes of running (12 km/h)

The following training is to train the whole body but I divided the sets by bodyparts (and ofcourse it’s cardio too)! It consists of 5 sets of 10 minutes. In between two sets you’re allowed to take 2 minutes of rest. But when you’ve just half-an hour, you can choose 3 sets! Or when you don’t want to train your legs and just your abs, you can for example skip the leg circuit and repeat the abs circuit for a few times. It’s up to you!

Set your timer and repeat the following exercises for 10 minutes:

Set 1: Legs:
1. 1 minute skipping (or pretending like skipping when not having a jumping rope)
2. 15 jump squats
3. 15 normal squats
4. 20 walking lunges (10 per leg-use weights if you can handle that!)

2 minutes rest

Set 2: Arms
1.10 push-ups
2. 15 tricep dips (you can use a chair for this)
3. 15 lay-down push-ups
4. 20 commando’s (10 each side)

2 minutes rest

Set 3: Abs & Arms
1.1 minute planking
2. 10 lay-down push-ups
3. 30 commando’s (15 each side)
4. 20 sit-ups

2 minutes rest

Set 4: Abs
1. 30 Ab bikes
2. 15 leg raises
3. 20 sit-ups
4. 30 seconds planking

2 minutes rest

 Set 5: Whole body:
1. 20 tuck jumps (for an example there’s a video on myInstagram)
2. 10 burpees
3. 30 jumping jacks
4. 12 mountain climbers followed by 6 push ups

 Enjoy your Christmas Work-Out Sporties! And ofcourse, Merry Christmas to you all!

Love, Suzanne

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