Try the side plank for some variation in your ab excercises! Are you tired of endless sit-ups to get some ripped abs. The side plank will help you to flat your belly, tone up your whole core and ofcourse it will burn some fat (not as much as a cardio work-out such as my HIIT training, but at least some fat will be burned)

The special thing about the side plank and why it will help you in getting the belly you are dreaming of?! Because the side plank trains the deep abdominal muscles that a lot of other ab excercises don’t reach! Especially by combining the side plank with the normal straight forward plank it will have an amazing effect on your abs (think about that bikini body you’ve always wanted!). Both works your entire core but the side plank also trains the muscles in your core that are the weakest muscles for the most people. Many other ab exercises such as sit-ups and straight forward planking don’t reach this weaker muscles and therefore it’s good to add the side plank to your normal ab workout routine to build more endurance and strength in your core. 

Ok here you go:

Lie on your left side, in a straight line from head to feet and rest on your forearm. Your elbow should be directly under your shoulder and your upper feet should lie down on your lower feet. You can bend your other arm like I do in the first pictures in this post, but you can also let this arm lie down on the side of your body like the one I raise my thumb. It’s up to you. By lifting your hips off the floor you’ll start the plank! It’s important to maintain the line! Hold your body up in this position for 30 seconds and lower in order to swith side and then repeat the excercise !

I prefer to do this 3 times (45 seconds per side, so a total of 6 times the side plank) with no break! But it’s oke if you can’t even handle the 30 seconds yet. You can start with 10 seconds or 20 seconds with a longer break! It’s okay, when you keep on training this excercise you’ll be soon able to plank for longer than 45 seconds per side!

Oh and about your gym excuses: You don’t need a gym for this! You can do this excersices everywhere, anytime. Before you go to bed, in the early morning, whatever time it is anywhere you are! So what are you waiting for? Go and try the side plank !

Oh and I’d love to know how it went when you tried! And if you need any help with struggles,  please let me know too!:)

Where can I buy this ?

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