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Today a short post about the importance of stretching! I would love to share a stretch story today because I’m in a little stressy situation with my exams coming next week and a lot of stuff to do for work an the blog and stretching is a great way to relax! It’s also really important to stretch for your recovery after intense workouts and ofcourse it can improve your flexibility. And last but not least it may prevent injuries. But what exactly is stretching? 

Stretching is actually to deliberately lengthen your muscles. A good example we probably all know is the hamstring stretch. How you do this? Lean forward and try to reach your toes (if possible). You will feel the back of your legs (which are your hamstrings) because you’re lengthening them. Ofcourse there are a lot of other stretching positions. To prevent yourself from injuries you’ll have to stretch your weak muscles and the surrounding muscle groups. But you can also stretch all your muscles to just relax and profit from all the stretch benefits I mentioned above. That’s up to you. You can google all the stretch positions and the one that are especially good for your individual situation. But my general advice is to never rush into a stretch position. Slowly ease into a position and never push yourself too far because we don’t want to tear our muscles. My last tip: stretch both sides of the body (always)!

Okay I hope you learned something today about stretching and how it can help you.

Have a good weekend loves! xoxo

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