I really want to emphasize that there’s not a perfect body type that we should all work for or something like that. It’s all about being happy and confident in youw own body. Everybody’s created different and there are three basic human body types. And before you start your training and nutrition regimen, it’s needed to figure out your body type!

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That’s what I wanted to start my first Sportspost with: explaining the three main human body types. By knowing which of the three body types you’re closest to will help you to set more realistic goals and better tailor your diet and exercises which will lead to more success eventually. And then I would write about my ‘secrets and tricks’ in the next blogposts. But I can already tell you that there’s actually no secret and there are no tricks. I know how many Social Media pages, tv campaigns and internet adds claim that you can be ‘shredded/muscled/skinny in 30 or 20 days’ BUT this is bullshit girls. I can tell you, there’s no easy and quick way to achieve health, happiness and the body your confident in. So stop looking for the ‘easy programms’ there’s no such thing as a quick fix. Even one big effort is not enough, you have to push yourself EVERY DAY and move forward every day ( and ofcourse you can eat chips, french fries, chocolate, cake and other unhealthy products but in moderation!).  IT’S A LIFESTYLE! Keep that in mind.

What body type are you?

1. Ectomorph:

The typical skinny girls usually with long thin limbs and stringy muscles.


  • Small (delicate) frame and bone structure
  • Flat chest
  • Get full easily
  • Small shoulders
  • Skinny look
  • Lean muscle mass
  • It’s difficult to gain weight
  • Fast metabolism


– Do not to much cardio (2-3 times a week is good)
– Work-outs should be short and intense
– Focus on the big muscle groups
– Eat something (some unsalted nuts or cottage cheese/junket for example) before you go to bed to prevent muscle catabolism during the night
– Eat high density foods such as almonds, avocado, and peanut butter on your bread
– Eat several small meals during the day if you cannot stomach big meals

2. Mesomorph:

That girl that seemed to put on muscle just by looking at weights while also maintaining a very lean physique. ( naturally looking athletic physique)


  • Athletic look
  • Well defined muscles
  • Rectangular shaped body
  • Gains muscle easily
  • Gains fat more easily than ectomorphs
  • Wide shoulders
  • Small waist
  • Eats in moderation


– Do enough cardio to stay lean but not a ton (if you still want to do it more than 4 times a week that’s okay but you have to comibe it with weight training and watch your calorie intake then!!)
– Eat enough calories to maintain muscle mass
– Take rest but not as much as a Extomorph
– Combine weight training and cardio (in the way you prefer)

3. Endomorph:

The solid and generally soft girls that gain fat very easily, usually of a shorter build with thick arms and legs.


  • Soft and round body
  • Gains muscles but also fat very easily
  • Mostly short
  • Finds it difficult to lose fat
  • Slow metabolism
  • Muscles not so well defined
  • Often fatigue easily
  • Try various diet and exercise programs to failure


– Do as much cardio as possible! (Every cardio is perfect!)
– Take rest only when you really need it
– Do weight training to burn more calories
– Eat a lot of vegetables to keep you full
– Drink plenty of water to keep you full
– Divide your daily calorie intake by 5-6 meals

Note that it is possible that you are a combination of two types. It’s most likely to identify yourself with one over the other two, but you still might have qualities of some of the others.

Hopefully this quick introduction into the three different basic body types will help you succeed in your body/sports goals! And as you could see ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs must follow a very different regimen to succeed!

I hope you liked the first sporty post, if you have any comments please feel free to react! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Kisses, Suzanne

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