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I’m back with another sportpost but first I want to be honest about a thing I’ve been struggling with for the last couple of weeks. As you all know I just started blogging half a year ago. I had been following several blogs to get inspired and then I thought let’s give it a try and made one myself. Well…I just did one day in December…And I’m really glad I did because it gave me so much allready and it is so much fun!! I really enjoy writing down what I have experienced, what I bought last time shopping and the writing also helps me through hard periods, it really clears my head. Sure, I can keep a personal diary but I just thought it would be much cozier to share my story with others and half a year later I’ve met so many cool people, I made new friends, got invited to really nice events and maybe most important I feel stronger and I’ve grown a lot cause I’ve gotten to know more about myself and my life and personal shortcomings. I’ve learned really a lot. I’ve grown mentally and I’m still learning every day! First I just started with the Fashion part but people who know me for a long time knew that there’s another important part of Suzanne…the sports part. And they encouraged me to write about that too because it’s a really important part of me and my life. I thought, well I don’t have anything to lose, right? And I love to write about both! I mean, how awesome would it be if I can inspire my readers with my sportposts too?! So I just started with writing about my sporty lifestyle too… as a rookie in this blogging world I was really excited to share my new posts and I just started writing and publishing really random untill I found out that I had no plan at all… Well, okay writing about my life which includes my love for sports, fashion and traveling. Okay then… but there was literally no structure at all in the way I post my stories. Deciding how often to post and in which category became an issue I was struggling with for the last couple of weeks. How many sportposts? How many fashionposts? How often to post anyway and then…when to post? So I decided I want to get a certain pattern/routine from now on. I think that a sort of a week schedule brings structure which is easier for you as a reader and ofcourse for me too. From now on I’ll try to post on Saturday (Fashion and ones in two weeks Sports) and Wednesday (Fashion or Travel). Maybe I’ve to switch the schedule later but for now there’s at least some plan and routine haha.

About the title of this post: I explained the second part already, I’ll bring more structure into my blog. But strucutre and discipline are both important too in your daily life!! I regularly get asked: How do you keep it all up? Or people are complaining, “I wish I had that discpiline too” We can all do this!!
You “just” have to make your desired behavior a habit!
Don’t do temporary things only like diets (diets are bad girls, they have an expiration date so they won’t fix the real problem) or 30 day challenges (you can’t get your perfect body in 30 days!!) but change your whole lifestyle to a lifestyle you can maintain! Most of the people are strugging with this lifestyle but all I can say is: Set goals and make them reality! How? Discipline! Discipline is doing what needs to be done to reach your goals even if you sometimes don’t want to (If excercising would depend on the desire to sport a lot of people would probably never work out)You set that goal so you have to! Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. And your level of succes is determined by your level of discipline en perseverance. For example, your goal is to workout 7 days a week. What you should do is making daily excercising a new habit and therefore you have to eliminate other options sometimes! A lot of people want to workout every day but they think they can’t…they actually can but they don’t want to eliminate other things… And if you don’t want to eliminate those other options then don’t set a goal like this, it’s not gonna work ! But if you really want to reach that goal you have to eliminate! Life is all about making choices and eliminating other options. So if your goal is to excercise 7 times a week and there’s a birthdayparty or whatever on the time you actually wanted to go to the gym then eliminate the other option because not excercising is just not an option. Don’t even think about it! You probably can go later to the birthdayparty or workout on a different time that day:) This way, you can’t think about whether you would or would not work out because no excercising is not an option. If you want to be more social and prefer to go to the birthday party instead of working out…then just don’t set goals like this one…Then you’d better start with ‘I want to excercise 3/4 days a week’…and stick to this! But don’t expect the same results as someone who’s working out every day. Fitness is like a relationship or marriage…you can’t cheat on it and expect it to work! Remember that you’ll get what you work for not what you wish for! Good things take time! Motivation only gets you started but habits keep you going!!

I hope you enjoyed this (quite long) post!

Stay tuned because I’ll give you excercise tips/ideas in every new sportpost from now on!! woehoeee how fun and easy would that be? And the greatest thing is…you can do them at home AND you don’t have to think about which excercise you should do that week because I’ll give you some inspiration for a 30 minute work-out you can do at home or in your garden. De-energized another excuse:) Yes, you don’t need a gym to work-out!!

Okay and guess what I’m going to do now? hahahaha Right! I’m going to work-out ;p! I’m going to play tennis for 90 minutes (for the ones who were wondering what kinda work-out it will be, tennis it is!! ).

Have a good evening!

Lots of love,

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