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My hitt workout scheme from this morning!

Guys, I know it’s a hell lotta early right now for the weekend (7 o’clock) but I’m off for a good morning workout. Are you joining? Because a good morning workout gives you a good day! What’s the plan? Okay, listen. Today it’s hiit running day Wooeehooe. We’re gonna run some fat off today. You like it? Yes?! GOOOODD, that’s the spirit to kick some ass! Running is fun!  You don’t like it? Ughh,  you gotta run!  You’ll see you feel totally fulfilled and happy when you finished this hiit running session! You’ll find out how much fun it is! I Promise! You just got to push yourself for today! Your future self will be thankful for that!

Ok my plan for today? Running 8km in hiit ! How? Starting with a general warming up – I prefer to run 5 minutes on a moderate level (65-75% effort), but you can also choose to do some side lunges, high knees, butt kicks or add some side bends. Whatever you want to do befofre starting the actually running work-out! The running will consist of a high intensity interval of 1 minute sprinting ( 85%-100% effort) followed by a low intensity interval of 1 minute jogging (50% effort). That;s why I’m having my mobile phone with me, to set a timer and to see how far I ran.  I’m gonna do this until I reached 8km. But I’m an advanced runner I think. Beginners can start with 8 intervals for example. Why am I doing these interval runs besides the fact I just love to variate in my runs because of more fun? Because it’s a workout proven to be much more effective than normal cardio. Burning more fat and burning faster fat. And it doesn’t take too much time. Win Win Win Wiiiinnnnn situation right?! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and kick some ass outside!

Finished your intervals? Please don’t forget your cooling down! I prefer to jog/walk back from a moderate jog level (50% effort) to a really slow walking level (just walking) for about 5-10 minutes.

Oh and btw, what do you think of my new sporty jacket from Colmar? I ran in it for the first time about a week ago and I can tell u guys it’s really comfortable to run in (:

Happy Saturday Happy workout!  Cheerio

Where can I buy this ?

Sportpants: Jogha.com  / Jacket: Colmar 

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PH : Piet Kampers

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