It’s already spring…time is literally flying! The wintermonths were cosy and full of joy with Christmas and New Years eve, and for me my birthday in January too. Oh and ofcourse Valentine’s day and the cosy days continue with Easter… lalala so much fun and happiness, and mountains of food and then suddenly there comes the HOOOOOO STOP!  FACK, there’s the realization that it’s spring already which means summer is also around the corner o.O’  HELP how should I get bikini ready?  Relax girls. It’s okay, I mean, we should enjoy life and sometimes you just deserve some of those unhealthy but delicious snacks. But it’s also good to realize that the time of wearing shorts, croptops and yeah bikinis is coming closer and it’s time to choose for a healthy lifestyle and to make more helathy choices.

Bristol decided to help you a little, at least to start working out. They launched their new sportswear collection with many happy printed and colored items. Perfect for those spring workouts. A first step towards a summerready body could be buying yourself some new sportswear. These mint green running shoes for example, how could they not make you wanna work-out? It’s like they’re calling me: Hey, put us on and impress everyone in the park. Please put us one, we’d like to run with you through the park. Well that’s what I did. Got myself some new sportswear from the Bristol SS16 collection. But the second step is to really go out and excercise.

To help you fitties out here’s a little work-out that you can do in a nearby park for example.

-Warm-up (walk/jogg for at least 5 minutes at 50% effort)

-Run some, 30 seconds of sprinting (100% effort), 1 minute of jogging (50% effort) and continue for 20 minutes for example.

-Vary the work-out with push-ups, tricep dips and jumping squats for example. Run until you find a bench and complete 3×15 tricep dips or/and run until the next bench and complete 3×15 push-ups for example (with your feet placed on the bench) No bench around? You can do normal push-ups too. Or find a sort of stepping stone to jump on so you can do your jumping squats. Doesn’t really matter wat kind of stepping stone, as you see on the pictures above I found one at a children’s playground around the sandbox:)

So are you ready to get summer proof without seeing your wallet getting slimmer too? I am…

Happy workout fittties!

Where can I buy this ?

Sportswear: Bristol 

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    March 25, 2016 at 08:38

    Hummm, ik moet echt eens beginnen met hardlopen. Iets houdt me toch elke keer weer tegen, haha.

    • Reply
      March 25, 2016 at 11:34

      Het is zo heerlijk meid, wat houd je tegen? Alle begin is even zwaar maar als je eenmaal een ritme hebt dan voelt het echt goed, althans dat heb ik (a). xx

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