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Olaaa op deze regenachtige woensdagmiddag, #blegh. Het was lang zomer maar nu toch echt weer herfst in ons kikkerlandje. Gelukkig heb ik daar zelf  het afgelopen daagjes niets van gemerkt want ik bevond me een lang weekend in het zonnige Spaanse Benidorm om verschillende sportieve en minder sportieve activiteiten te ondernemen!  Continue Reading



Moooorning! Bonne Journée! Goedemorgen!

Comment ca va? Oui oui ik ben nog helemaal in de Franse sferen, ondanks dat ik net weer twee daagjes terug in Nederland ben voel ik me nog helemaal relaxt. Zoals beloofd in de afgelopen Flashback Fridaypost kom ik vandaag met een speciale Surflife Mimizan post. Want dat is waar ik mij de afgelopen week bevond: in Mimizan (aan de Zuid-West kust van Frankrijk). Direct aan de Atlantische oceaan met haar prachtige zandstranden, palmbomen en schattige dorpjes ligt ook het surfdorpje waar ik mij de afgelopen week bevond. Ik ben HELEMAAL enthousiast over het surfleven en ga jullie alles vertellen en laten zien ( WARNING: Veeeeeeeeeel foto’s! ) over mijn afgelopen week in Mimizan! De surflessen, de natuur, het dorpje, de andere activiteiten en mogelijkheden in de buurt en aaaaalll mijn overige avonturen ! Lees en kijk je mee?  Continue Reading



Hello there pretty people!

As you might have seen on Instagram I was in Rotterdam this Monday&Tuesday and today I’m telling you aaall about it:)! I was invited at the citizenM hotel to enjoy a night at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam (IFFR), followed by a complimentary night’s stay at citizenM. The IFFR is a wonderful opportunity to see lots of supergreat international movies throughout the city. Every beginning of the year, Rotterdam becomes the place to be for fanatic movie watchers all over the world. This year the festival runs from January 27th – February 7th 2016, so you can still enjoy the movies too! You’re able to dive into touchy, enchanting and suprising movies that you would otherwhise  never watch. To be honest I had never visited the Film Festival nor Rotterdam (for a citytrip) before, so when I got the chance to visit this modern Dutch city and enjoy the Festival I didn’t hesitate for a second! Continue Reading

#FASHIONwithsuus #FLYaroundtheworldwithsuus


Hey loves! Say hello to a very short citytrip outfit inspiration post for today… Ever since I started my Masters at the VU university in Amsterdam, I’m really busy focussing on school, my work, my sports, and ofcourse Instagram and the blog.. Which is quite stressy sometimes, so today I’m gonna be short because I got lots of stuff to do due to Thesis deadlines. And how’s life at the other side of the screen?
Today I’ll be showing you an easy look, which is perfect to wear during a citytrip! Because if you’re anything like me… it’s a struggle what to pack for a citytrip. Deciding what to wear for a weekendtrip is even harder than packing for a longer vacation because you’re not able to take a lot of stuff with you and you want to take as much as possible with you “just in case”.

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Hi Guys,

Gotta tell you something: I’m in love! WHAAT? Yeps, London got me, hihi. Oh London… you’re soooo pretty…Will you marry m…WTF. Ok ok I fell in love with London and I want to share my experiences and pictures AND 5 things you should do while visiting this pretty damn beautiful city!  So if you have a trip to London coming up, or when you’re curious about the pictures?  CLICK HERE and see and read more!




I promised I would tell you some more about my Thailand trip sooooo… Here we go!  Continue Reading